Creating a connection with the wildness outside is a way of keeping the wildness within alive
(The Sámi People of Lapland)

On your request, I listed a couple of books and organizations that enlighten and inspire me on my ongoing journey to re-connect with nature in all its myriad of forms. Please note that the sparks, inspiration, wisdom and fun in the books are all waiting for you to be discovered outdoors, in nature, for free. Give yourself the present of spending more solo-time in nature. Go slow, breathe, listen: the serenity and magic of nature is awaiting you!


The Great Work. Our way into the future.
by Thomas Berry

A rally call if you still need one. The great work of this century is to usher the reconnection to nature – there’s nothing else that matters more.

The Nature Fix: Why Nature makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative.
by Florence Williams
In case you or any of your loved ones needs a primer on why we need to reconnect with nature – Florence Williams lays it all out.

Finding The Mother Tree. Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest.
by Suzanne Simard

From the world’s leading forest ecologist, who forever changed how people view trees and their connection to one another and other living things in the forest – a moving, deeply personal journey of discovery.

What The Robin Knows. How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World.
by Jon Young.

A brilliant work, born of a lifetime of listening, teaching and tracking what really matters. You’ll discover a universal bird language that will speak to you wherever you go outdoors.

Blue Mind. The surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do.
by Wallace J. Nichols

Blue Mind is a fascinating study of the emotional, behavioral, psychological, and physical connections that keep humans so enchanted with water.

Plant Spirit Medicine. A journey into the healing wisdom of plants.
by Eliot Cowan

Make friends with plants and they will share everything with you.

Coyote’s Guide To Connecting with Nature
by Jon Young, Ellen Haas and Evan McGown

The essential manual for the No Child Left Inside movement, Coyote Mentoring is the ancient, worldwide legacy of hunter-gatherer cultures who surrounded their children with ‘invisible schooling’. It will change the way you walk in the woods, whether by yourself or with (your) children.

Vitamin N
by Richard Louv

Richard Louv was the first to bring widespread attention to the term nature-deficit disorder, the alienation of children from the natural world, outlining the benefits of a strong nature connection. He gives a complete prescription for connecting with the power and joy of the natural world right now, with 500 activities for children and adults.

Speaking with Nature: Awakening the deep wisdom of the Earth.
by Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Cedar Roberts

This book will awaken your nature consciousness and inspire you to see the world in a more magical way.

Wabi-sabi – For artists, designers, poets and philosophers
by Leonard Koren

The notion of wabi-sabi is at the core of shinrin-yoku and finding beauty in all parts of the lifecycle.

The Way of Council
by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle

A practical guide for how we can transform through sharing and gathering with attention. Council is such a beautiful and important part of a guided shinrin-yoku session. 

Earthwalks For Body And Spirit. Exercises to Restore Our Scared Bond with the Earth.
by James Endredy

For indigenous people everywhere, walking is spiritual as well as physical – an ecstatic journey into our oneness with nature. In these magical pages, James Endredy opens the door to that journey.

Coming back to life. The updated guide to The Work that Reconnects.
by Molly Brown.

Spiritual activist and deep ecologist Joanna Macy wrote this book so that we can all do The Work that Reconnects. These practices have the ability to transform your life and heal communities and the whole planet.

Reclaiming the wild soul. How Earth’s landscapes restore us to wholeness.
by Mary Reynolds Thompsom

A poetic masterpiece on traversing different landscapes to restore your soul to wholeness.

Just a few organizations and free online magazines that I admire, in the middle of an inspiring growing wave of them. Please let me know if there are others that belong on this list!


Tree Sisters

Pachamama Alliance

The Work That Reconnects

Free online magazines

Emergence Magazine

Yes! Magazine

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