What happens on a Shinrin-yoku Walk?

“The great work of this century is to usher the reconnection to nature – there’s nothing else that matters more” (Thomas Berry).

During a shinrin-yoku walk, you walk slowly and not cover long distances. The focus is not on plant or animal knowledge, but on experiencing nature by simply opening your five senses and connect with natural elements, such as trees, through taking part in several activities (‘invitations’). You see, hear, smell, touch and taste  the forest. You try to be with nature instead of being in nature and experience the forest in an unexpected and fresh way. 

I will act as your guide on this journey into nature to slow down, recharge, feel deeply rested and content. I hope to inspire you to use all your senses to embrace the moment of living, relax your mind, revitalise your body and rediscover your Self and include shinrin-yoku as a healthy and wealthy part of your life-style.

The shinrin-yoku walks that I offer are the expression of my passion for nature and wellness and my desire to share these experiences.

Follow me, in small groups. Serenity and magic awaits us!
Try shinrin-yoku for yourself and let the natural world take its restorative effects on your body and mind. 

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