Forest Breathing – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation

Slow down and breathe in the medicine of nature. “This shinrin-yoku invitation is called: ‘Forest breathing’. Spend a few moments just feeling the air moving around you and within you as you breathe. Breathing in, be aware of what you are receiving from the trees. Breathing out, be aware of what you are returning. BreathingContinue reading “Forest Breathing – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation”

The Joy of Little Things – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation

“This invitation is called: ‘The Joy of Little Things’. As you wander or sit-down somewhere in nature, notice the micro-world present on the ground. Take your time. Let your curiosity guide you. What are you noticing?” A shinrin-yoku (forest therapy/bathing) walk guided by a certified ANFT-guide consists of several ‘invitations’. These assist you in slowingContinue reading “The Joy of Little Things – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation”

Traces of nature – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation

“This invitation is called: ‘Traces of nature’. In a city, like in a forest, nature is everywhere, but it often takes more focus to actually notice it. Using all your senses, notice how nature is present in the streets of the city. I wonder if nature is noticing your presence, too?” During a shinrin-yoku (forestContinue reading “Traces of nature – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation”

Delving into dusk – Shinrin-Yoku invitation

Simply being present in the natural world – with all our senses fully alive – can have a remarkably healing effect. It can also awaken in us our latent but profound connection with all living things. This is ‘forest bathing’ (‘bosbaden’), a practice inspired by the Japanese tradition of ‘shinrin-yoku’. It is a gentle, meditativeContinue reading “Delving into dusk – Shinrin-Yoku invitation”

Invitation: The Journey of Water

“This invitation is called: ‘The Journey of Water’. The element of water can appear in various shapes and forms such as waves, fog, snow, clouds, raindrops, crystals, ice, or as your drinking or bathing water. The water may have at one time been frozen high on a snow-capped peak, or maybe it cascaded down a mountainContinue reading “Invitation: The Journey of Water”

Water & Shinrin-Yoku

“In all things of nature there’s something of the marvelous” (Artistotle) It’s an early morning in late September. Sunlight is radiating through the morning fog on the Amstel river, painting the small waves in front of me with silver sparks. In the air I smell the unmistakable earthy, plant-like scent of sweet water. There’s hardlyContinue reading “Water & Shinrin-Yoku”