Listen to the wind.

You can hear the world breathing if you just listen.

These breezes whisper melodies of different lands,

Transcribed through time.

They are like wind chimes.

Swirling energy carrying seeds of wisdom.

You can hear them as they blow through leaves of ancient trees,

These breezes,

Breathing and exhaling,

Telling the stories of this world for an eternity.

Listen to the sea.

It is the lifeblood of this planet.

Pumping and pulsing through every crevice.

Connecting the nations of this world through its embrace-tracing patterns.

And the sands of our birth lands,

Crashing on shores,

Expanding past horizon,

Reaching deep into the depths of our imaginations.

Listen to the land.

It is the Earth’s belly,

Rumbling and turning as tectonic plates shift.

We shift through its soils,

Break into primates giving birth to life,

Giving birth to us.

We are grateful.

For every gift Mother Earth gives, we live.

Because the life of this land is perpetuated in righteousness.

We are blessed to see her beauty,

Taste her elegance,

Smell her power,

Touch her essence.

This world becomes a miracle when you take time. 

To just listen.


Welcome to 2022! A new year to explore… and why not make the ancient practice of nature connection, with a relatively new legacy of research showing enormously positive physiological and psychological effects, your #1 health and wellness practice this year? 

Unlike human society, with its ever changing politics, rules and regulations, nature is always there for you, accessible, patient and free: all you have to do is slow-down enough to notice, tune in with all your senses, become quiet and just relax.

After a period of stillness and regeneration, nature is subtly awakening. The morning light is coming out earlier each day, greeting me and my fellow Amsterdammers this week with mysterious fog and dramatic sunrises over the Amstel river.

You can notice tiny green plants re-emerging on the forest floor, in parks, gardens and balcony pots and trees are starting to grow small leaves again. The orchestra of birds is getting more rich and diverse each day. 

Little magic is taking place, if you only take the time to sit still, tune in and notice!

Wanna practice shinrin-yoku in a small group of max. 5 other like-minded people, at a special hour of the day, when it’s still very quiet in the forest? Learn all about the shinrin-yoku basics, so afterwards you will have plenty of inspiration and tools to continue a shinrin-yoku wellness practice solo, or with your friends/family? 

Please join me on one of my upcoming shinrin-yoku workshops! New dates/locations will be posted on my website each month.

Looking forward to meeting you in nature!


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