Invitation: The Journey of Water

“This invitation is called: ‘The Journey of Water’. The element of water can appear in various shapes and forms such as waves, fog, snow, clouds, raindrops, crystals, ice, or as your drinking or bathing water. The water may have at one time been frozen high on a snow-capped peak, or maybe it cascaded down a mountain stream or came from deep within the earth. In many traditions, it is believed water is healing and renewing, activates flow in your life and brings emotional balance. The water inside of you is not separate from all the waters of our beautiful planet. Maybe the water carries all the memories of its different forms?

In this invitation, I would like to invite you to go explore with all your senses the water around and within you.”

A guided shinrin-yoku walk consists of several ‘invitations’, small activities/exercises that invite you to connect with nature, your natural surroundings and yourself in various ways, using your different senses.

Endless possibilities!

Slow down. Listen. Feel. May the magic of nature be with you always.

From my heart to yours! Marjolein

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