Forest Breathing – a Shinrin-Yoku invitation

Slow down and breathe in the medicine of nature.

“This shinrin-yoku invitation is called: ‘Forest breathing’. Spend a few moments just feeling the air moving around you and within you as you breathe. Breathing in, be aware of what you are receiving from the trees. Breathing out, be aware of what you are returning. Breathing deeply, receive the gifts of the forest in your entire body. Breathing out, return the essence of your gift. What are you noticing?”

Deep breathing has long been part of many health practices. Our breath is so important, and many of us are habitually shallow breathers. Our blood is therefore not completely oxygenated.

In the forest, the benefits of deep breathing are amplified because the air has a higher proportion of fresh, clean oxygen, direct from the trees. There are also beneficial phytoncides in the air.

In some places, like near a waterfall, the air is full of negative ions, which have positive effects on our bodies.

Just take a moment to slow down, relax and breathe in the medicine of nature!


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